Jasmine Special


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Jasmine Special tea is a specialty originating in Fujian Province in China, made by blending fresh flowers with the green tea leaves. The tea naturally absorbs the scent of the flowers and yields an infusion fresh and brisk, with a long-lasting floral aftertaste. Appreciated all over the world, Jasmine tea is also excellent iced and wonderfully accompanies fish dishes, chicken, steamed vegetables and rice, as well as cookies and desserts. Perfect if chilled or as a base for cocktails.


Green tea

Caffeine Level

☕ ☕ Medium-Low (16-25mg)


Leaf to Water Ratio: 1 tsp per 6oz, or 3 grams per 6oz

Water Temperature: 175° F

Steep Time: 3 minutes


Fujian Provence, China

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