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Matcha Mie #31 Top Top Grade is an exclusive product, for the first time seen outside of Japan. This ceremonial grade green tea powder from Mie prefecture in Japan. Its processed by hand, using green tea Tencha and stone mills.  It is produced with tea leaves that are grown in the shade 31 days to increase chlorophyll content. These chlorophyll-rich leaves are then handpicked, steamed, dried and ground into a fine green powder. It’s extremely rich in antioxidants, with sweet notes and vibrant color. Our Matcha is ideal for boosting your metabolism, improving concentration and reducing stress. Perfect anti-aging tea!


Green Tea

Caffeine Level

☕ ☕ ☕ ☕ High (40+mg)


Leaf to Water Ratio: 1.5G or ½ tsp per 6oz

Water Temperature: 160°-175°F

Steep Time: 2-3 minutes

Single origin

Yokkaichi, Mie, Japan


*Keep matcha canister in refrigerator.

One way to keep your Matcha tea fresher for longer is to store your Matcha powder in an airtight container, in the fridge. Your refrigerator will prevent heat and moisture from deteriorating the quality of the powder. This is a particularly good option if you live in a warm or humid climate.

*Mie is one of the most important tea growing regions of Japan, the other two being Shizuoka and Kagoshima. Mie has a long history of tea cultivation, ranks third among prefectures in the amount of commercial tea production.

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