Alou Thé is a gourmet brand created to encourage tea culture and a better lifestyle. We import tea from different parts of the world, with which we create signature blends that include local products. These are designed by our Tea Sommelier and specialist located in the Caribbean. We work hand in hand with women in Puerto Rico and other parts of the world, thus creating relationships between other cultures and encouraging other projects. Behind each tea there is a history, we want to tell it to you. Travel with us over a cup of tea!


Alou Thé arose from an interest in the world of tea that was born in 2002. That summer its founder, Alondra Debrasilia, studied at the Sorbonne in Paris, having the opportunity to meet and share with colleagues from other parts of the world, who exposed her to the tradition of tea. Through the years and her wanderings around the world, at her master’s internship in China in 2008, she broadened her vision and saw how other cultures had more conscious lifestyles and how they made food their medicine. She visited India and other countries with strong tea culture, which made her sensible of its importance. In 2012, in Nepal, she met a German man who traveled the world tasting origin products, and influenced by him, between conversations and reflections, she became interested in bringing high-end tea to Puerto Rico.

Seeking to enter the world of tea, she traveled through different continents where she intertwines this ancient culture with her own caribbean roots. She obtains, through the years, several international certifications from well-known institutions , in Argentina (Escuela Argentina de Té y Universidad Abierta Interamericana), Taiwan (Taiwan School of Tea and TOST) and others. Being the first Puerto Rican and Caribbean woman with formal studies in tea, through the years, she has become an expert on the subject. Debrasilia has given talks in Puerto Rico, USA, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Uganda and Argentina. This is how, in 2015, the first Caribbean brand of loose leaf tea, Alou Thé (“The bird’s tea or Alou’s tea”), was born, arising from a mixture of knowledge, love and experience.