“Traveling through a cup I was sensitized by looks, cultures, nature, and thus I discovered in a few strands the intoxicating perfume that awakens the senses. Among aromas that transport us to moments, visual and taste elements that marked the beginning of an extensive journey.

The tree that gave life to this ancient drink; the Camellia Sinensis. A tree native to China, where the mountains loom like giant emerald carpets. Ancient legends say that the best teas were only collected by virgin women with white gloves and golden scissors. Today, without alluding to the legend, women use their delicate hands to select the most tender buds, giving way to the production of the best teas.

Tea is the second most consumed drink in the world, after water. Besides
of about 2000 properties attributed to him. Whether cold, hot, at room temperature, with water, with milk, lemon, honey, sugar, pure, blended, of different qualities, varieties and regions. Some are appreciated in loose leaf, drunk in ceremonies, or quickly in teabags on the way to the daily routine. Tea knows no borders, it belongs to the world, and to different cultures.”

Welcome to the World of Tea!

Alondra de Brasilia Rodríguez
Tea Sommelier

Our Sommelier & Founder

Alondra De Brasilia Rodríguez is a Puerto Rican tea specialist, tea sommelier, and ambassador for Taiwanese tea in the Caribbean. De Brasilia obtained two bachelor’s degrees and a master’s degree from the University of Puerto Rico and other studies and internships in Spain, France and China. De Brasília, who initially followed an international career, she understood through her adventures around the world, how other cultures have more conscious and grateful lifestyles. She visited countries with a strong tea culture, which made her aware of its importance.

Seeking to enter the world of tea, she travels through different continents (46 countries) where she intertwines this ancient culture with her own Caribbean roots. During the time, she obtains several international certifications, in Argentina (Argentine School of Tea and Inter-American Open University), Taiwan (Taiwanese School of Tea and TOST) and others. She being the first Puerto Rican and Caribbean woman with university preparation and specialization in tea. De Brasilia has given workshops in Puerto Rico, US, Dominican Republic, Ecuador and Argentina.

This is how, in 2015, the first Puerto Rican brand of loose leaf tea with signature blends that integrates local products was born; Alou Thé, arises from a mixture of knowledge, love and experience. Alondra advises other women to create brands. She works in and from Puerto Rico in collaboration with other resources in Latin America to promote and educate about tea culture. Her most recent project, with another Puerto Rican, the only tea producer in the Amazon; ChaNa is the first international commercial brand produced by two Puerto Ricans as a tribute to working women.
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