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The maca is a traditional Peruvian superfood, has been used for thousands of years to support healthy hormones and energy levels. It now passes its strength on to you. Our maca is gelatinized to increase digestibility and absorption.


Organic maca

How to Use

Add to juice, milk, cocoa, coffee or your favorite drink. Also makes for delicious smoothies and baked goods! For best results, mix 1-2 tsp of maca for every 350 ml drink. Product makes 25 servings.




Common properties of maca

  • Rich in essential minerals: magnesium, calcium, phosphorus, potassium, bismuth, manganese, sulfur, sodium, copper, selenium, iodine, silicon, iron and tin.
  • Provides vitamins B1 and B2, vitamin C and vitamin E.
  • It is antioxidant, energetic and revitalizing.
  • Increases libido and improves fertility (in men and women). Increases the number and movement of sperm.
  • Reduces premenstrual symptoms and menstrual pain.
  • Stimulates the formation of red blood cells.
  • Helps in cases of anemia.
  • Regulates cholesterol and helps in diabetes, increasing the activity of the pancreas.
  • It has anti-stress and antidepressant properties.
  • Reduces osteoporosis.
  • Increases learning capacity and memory.
  • Reduces symptoms of fatigue.

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